Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ISS project.

Using a quadcopter to deliver a package at a desinated GPS coordinates.

 The robot will be a quadcopter, running off the ardupilot board, which uses arduino.

The person will have a wristband that when pressed, will send the GPS coordinates to a computer, which will tell the quadcopter to fly to the person, and drop a package at the person`s location.

The wristband will send the coordianates through wireless.

The quadcopter will drop the package by using a servo to open the bottom of the box too drop the package.

The quadcopter will have props that are 8 inch in diameter, with pitch at 4.7 inches. This means that the propeller when turned one round, will move 4.7 inches through the air. The thrust will be able to carry a addidional weight of about 2kg.


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